Donald Trump is accusing the 75 year old man of being ANTIFA after Buffalo Police pushed him down seriously injuring him during a George Floyd protest. Donald Trump believes the 75 year tried to “blackout” the Buffalo police equipment and purposely hit the ground harder than he was pushed. In essence Donald Trump says the 75 Year old is an ANTIFA agent who set up Buffalo Police.

Donald Trump didn’t provide any proof behind his claims, but interestingly enough there are a few conspiracy theorist who believe it looked like the 75 year old was wearing some of type of electronic device.

Whatever you believe, it’s very surprising to see a president putting serious conpsiracy accusation out there about a situation like this. A recent report said Donald Trump would try anything to gain ground with upcoming election. Maybe Trump accusing a 75 year old man of being ANTIFA is one of those moments.

Author: JordanThrilla