FEDS Police Find 70 lbs of Drugs, Marijuana, and Pills Inside the Jet Juice Wrld was Flying In before He Died. Juice Wrld Popped Several Pills before his death.

According to TMZ, FBI found 70 lbs of drugs, weed and popped pills in the Airplane Juice Wrld flew to Chicago on before his death.

This may be evidence that his seizure was indeed from a drug overdose. The Story of Juice Wrld’s death just got sadder.


In a time where drug use being glorified is at an all time high, this isn’t surprising. So many rappers like Mac Miller and Juice Wrld have died, or have been close to death because they became wrapped up in a world of illicit drug use. With too many “yes men” around, they usually don’t get the help they need until it’s too late.

RIP Juice Wrld, lets hope his death can help save the lives of others who are currently addicted to drugs and in need of mental help.

Author: JordanThrilla


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