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Jamal Murray Accuses Lakers of Cheating: Jamal Murray Snitches on Lakers Manipulating Game 1

Jamal Murray snitched on the Lakers after Nuggets tough loss in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Jamal Murray accused Lakers of Cheating in Game 1 during his post game Interview. Jamal Murray claims Lakers players tried to manipulate what happened in Game 1.

Jamal Murray claims Nuggets are fully aware Lakers will continue cheating by manipulating the game, so he can’t worry about it.

Jamal Murray says Lakers a cheating around the 2:17 mark of the video.

In his full statement Jamal Murray said, Just try to play through it. It’s tough. They want to talk about every call and have full conversations and try to manipulate what happens, but you can’t worry about it. We know how it’s going to be“.

Is Lebron and Lakers really out here trying to manipulate the game? Will Jamal Murray ever reveal more details into what the Lakers where saying to manipulate what happened during the game?

What’s known for sure is that all eyes are on the referees, and Lakers players now. Many people will be watching closely after Jamal Murray insinuated Lakers are cheating by manipulating what happens during the game.

Author: JordanThrilla

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