Karen Pacer is viral after appearing in “The Last Dance” Documentary viral video clip . As a devoted Indian Pacers fan, Karen Pacer was known for saying unspeakable things to the opposition, especially the Bulls. During the Last Dance Documentary one of Karen Pacer’s most angry moments was captured in all it’s glory. What Karen Pacer said was so disturbing that people in the crowd had to turn around and see who was talking during the video.

The Pacers where one of the toughest teams Michael Jordan faced during his championship runs. They took him to a game 7 and Reggie Miller is famous for saying they were the only team that didn’t fear him.

Karen Pacer proves that Pacers fans were also just as tough. If you are trying to imagine what Karen Pacer is yelling at the Bulls players in the video, it’s most likely best that you don’t know.

Karen Pacer is now a legend forever because of “The Last Dance” documentary.

Author: JordanThrilla