A King Los vs Dreezy or JID battle was spoken into existence on Clubhouse. After that powerful moment Dreezy dissed King Los with a “Meat beater” bar during an on the spot Clubhouse freestyle. Dreezy told King Los, “man what I look like giving out a free feature, ya’ll claim this your king this n**** a meat beater“.

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Everyone went crazy reacting to Dreezy dissing King Los. Someone was even willing to bet $50K that Dreezy would win a battle vs King Los.

King Los sounded like he was copping pleas after those Dreezy bars hit his ears. In a solemn voice he was heard saying “This what moves ya”ll” in response to her diss.

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The battle has to go down now. It would only look bad for King Los if it doesn’t, since everyone thinks he fears Dreezy now.

Author: JordanThrilla

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