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Kobe Bryant told James Harden He Would Never Win a Championship and Chris Paul was Rockets Most Important Player

Rockets got demolished by the Lakers in 5 games, and Kobe Bryant told James Harden last year it would happen because of him. Kobe Bryant said James Harden would never win a championship during an old interview from last year. Kobe Bryant also insinuates Chris Paul is Rockets most important player.

Kobe Bryant was not a fan of James Harden’s gimmick style of play, that got exposed easily by the Lakers. Take a listen to what Kobe Bryant telling James Harden he will never win a championship.


When the Chris Paul vs James Harden feud came to light, at the core of the issue was a rumor that CP3 begged Rockets coaching staff to bench Harden during a playoffs series. Chris Paul allegedly told Rockets coaching staff they wouldn’t win with James Harden ball hogging, and chucking low IQ shots. Kobe Bryant shared that same sentiment with Chris Paul, based on the interview.

Last year we wrote an article detailing why we felt James Harden is an overrated impostor. The fallacies in his game continue to make Rockets fail, which led to them trading their best player and true leader Chris Paul.

After their loss to Lakers in game 5 Rockets have now lost 6 or their last 7 elimination games in the James Harden era. Perhaps Rockets need to watch this interview, and listen to Kobe Bryant telling James Harden he will never win a championship with his style of play. Kobe Bryant explained why James Harden’s style of play will take you out of championship contention.

It seems James Harden is content with never winning a ring, because his game hasn’t evolved at all in terms of playoffs basketball. It’s actually incredible that people really believe he is the greatest scorer over.

Pray for Rockets fans through this tough time.

Author: JordanThrilla

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