Markieff Morris literally threw Game 5 away in the closing minutes vs Heat in 2020 NBA Finals. With 5 seconds left in the game Markieff Morris threw the ball out of bounds, completely missing Anthony Davis by a few feet. Markieff Morris sealed the loss for the Lakers in Game 5, and after the play all he could say was “my bad, my bad”.

With the game on the line who would want to have the ball? For the Lakers they found out it should never be Markieff Morris.

For Lebron James this must be deja-vu. Markieff Morris throwing Game 5 of the NBA Finals away is similar to what JR Smith did in the 2018 Finals. Ironically JR Smith was watching courtside as Markieff Morris threw the ball out bounds.

Lakers are now heading into a tough Game 6, that is a must win in the basketball sense. They do not want to go to a game 7 with the Heat.

Author: JordanThrilla

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