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NBA Virtual Fan Shows Butt: NBA Virtual Fan Moons Camera on Live TV During Thunder vs Rockets Game 6

An NBA Virtual fan showed their butt on Live TV. The NBA virtual fan moons the camera on Live TV during Thunder vs Rockets Game 6. The incident brings back memories of Lizzo mooning the crowd during the Lakers game. The trouble of having live cameras in people’s homes showing National TV became a reality for the NBA.

Take a look at this crazy NBA virtual fan mooning the camera during Game 6. It’s not clear whether they are a Rockets or Thunder fan.

When the NBA virtual fan showed their butt on Live TV during Game 6, another person in the crowd was caught looking right into. This made the moment even weirder to see. One can only imagine how parents where freaking out at home when they saw that on the TV screen.

Since NBA virtual fans are required to show identity when registering for seat, it’s safe to say virtual fan who mooned the camera during Game 6 of Rockets vs Thunder is going to be in some major trouble.

Author: JordanThrilla

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