Offset purchased a billboard for Cardi B’s birthday, in hopes of saving their marriage. A viral video shows Offset surprising Cardi B with a Billboard that says “Happy Birthday Mommy, Love Kulture“. Cardi B was in shock when saw the billboard saying “Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness“.

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You may think it’s a stretch that Offset is trying to win Cardi B back, but yesterday he admitted he missed her WAP. Take a look at Cardi B’s birthday billboard present from Offset.

Not too many people have the funds to buy out a billboard for their wife. This had to make Cardi B feel super special, despite her ongoing divorce with Offset. Cardi B is now 28, the age rage that is considered the prime of woman’s life.

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Will Offset’s Billboard birthday present to Cardi B bring them back together and save their marriage? Only time will tell.

Happy Birthday Cardi B.

Author: JordanThrilla

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