A racist white woman throws her dog at a black man in a viral video that has angered animal and social justice activisits alike. The incident took place outside a California dispensary, and was sad to see. When the Black man asks “Is that your dog?”, the racist white woman throws dog causing it to cry out in fear.

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The footage starts off with racist white woman saying “You’re black, You’re black”, in a derogatory manner to the black guy. This indicates the California white woman throws the dog, because the man was black. Take a look at the video, and make sure to keep reading on to see how this story ended after the video.


The racist white woman throwing the dog at the black man actually saved the dogs life. After this incident the black man adopted the dog, and will now take care of it. It was clear the white woman was abusing the dog, because when the woman threw dog at the black guy it never returned back to her.

Both social justice activists and animal activist are outraged at the racist white woman throwing a dog at black man for no reason. They are pushing for the woman to be arrest. Reactions on social media share the same sentiment.

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A sad racist story, ended up with a happy ending for the poor puppy. This was another Karens gone wild incident to add to the long list in 2020.

Author: JordanThrilla

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