A video of a depressed stressed out Offset talking about his hair has people worried. As people watched the footage they immediately could tell Offset was stressed out about Cardi B divorcing him. When Offset admitted he misses Cardi B’s WAP, it confirmed he was truly depressed.

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Take a look at the stressed out depressed Offset asking fans if he should dye his hair blonde or red.

When someone in the comments said “he looks stressed out”, Offset replied saying “I am, I miss MRS. WAP… call her for me, but private“. It appears when Cardi B was rapping about WAP she really meant it, because Offset can’t stop thinking about it.

Divorce always seems to be an emotional situation for everyone involved, so it’s no surprise a video of stressed out Offset is going viral.

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Maybe now that the world knows Offset misses Cardi B WAP they can reconcile and call off the divorce.

Author: JordanThrilla

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