Jimmy Butler has been playing a lot of minutes for the Heat in the NBA Finals, and it is really destroying his body. A limping Jimmy Butler barely walking after playing 47 minutes in Game 5 of NBA Finals is going viral. As he got up to leave the postgame interview room it looked like the limping Jimmy Butler was moving as slowly as Bill Russell did during that awards ceremony awhile back.

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Ironically when he was a member of the Timberwolves Jimmy Butler complained about playing too many minutes, this might be the reason why. Take a look at a limping Jimmy Butler barely walking after Game 5 of NBA Finals where he logged 47 minutes.

In a game where Jimmy Butler almost broke his neck, the physical punishment he took was immense. Jimmy Butler appears to be one of the physically fit players in the NBA, but even his body has it’s limits, he’s no Lebron James in that regard. Jimmy Butler barely walking after Game 5 is not a good sign for the Miami Heat, because it almost seems dangerous. 47 minutes is the entire game sans 1 minute.

Does Jimmy Butler have anything left for Game 6? Is Jimmy Butler risking his health and well being in hopes of winning championship?

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For the people who say the NBA Championship won at the Bubble doesn’t count, this is proof that it will. This is one of the hardest fought finals ever seen, regardless of no fans being there.

Author: JordanThrilla

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