Patrick Beverley dissed Lebron James with a “Stay Woke” comment for wanting to continue in the NBA season. Using sly backhanded compliment Patrick Beverley said if “Lebron James said he is hooping, we all hooping”. He added in “Hoopers say what ya’ll want” before the comment to make sure people understand he was throwing shade at Lebron James.

Patrick Beverley is essentially saying the NBA doesn’t value other players opinion, and is going to do what Lebron James wants. He basically confirmed by adding the “stay woke” hashtag.

There is a long history of tension between these two players, so it’s no surprise to see Patrick Beverley calling Lebron James out for wanting to play basketball amid all the social justice and coronavirus issues.

That Clippers vs Lakers series is going to be very personal if it happens.

Author: JordanThrilla