Pentagon UFO unit will release evidence of Off World Alien Vehicles not made on earth. The evidence will coincide with viral UFO videos Pentagon declassified earlier this year. When the Pentagon UFO unit shows the off world vehicles not made on earth, it will officially turn Aliens from a conspiracy into a reality.

The Pentagon UFO unit has been studying Aliens for over 10 years, so the amount of information they have to share should be massive. One of the Navy pilots from the UFO video claimed most of the UFO’s they encounter emerge from water, this indicates the off world Alien vehicles probably can move on water, land, and air.

There was leaked video awhile back of an US Army soldier claiming he was abducted by aliens. He seemed to reveal information about the Pentagon UFO unit having an alliance with aliens for the past ten years.

The world is waiting to see what the Pentagon UFO Unit will unveil about the off world Alien vehicles not made on earth.

Author: JordanThrilla