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Ciara Sings Happy Birthday While Giving Birth To New Baby Son “Win Harrison Wilson”

Ciara and Russell Wilson’s first baby was born today. Ciara sang happy birthday while giving birth to her new baby son Win Harrison Wilson in a viral video. She added the caption “Happy Birthday Win, mommy and daddy love you, 7.23.20”. Ciara and Russell Wilson’s new baby is 8lbs and 1oz.


Russell Wilson was already the father of Future’s son, so he has some practice in being a great dad. He’s been winning a lot of on and off the field, so it’s no surprise Russell Wilson and Ciara named their son “Win”. He now has new motivation going in to the 2021 NFL Season.

Ciara singing happy birthday for their new baby was already a win for “Win”. How many babies can say their mom sang them happy birthday when they were born?

Congratulations Russell Wilson and Ciara on the birth of their new baby Win Harrison Wilson. You have to wonder what Future is thinking right now.

Author: JordanThrilla

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