A viral video shows a shameless father jumping on a car leaving his daughter to get attacked by a Pit Bull Dog on the loose. The Pit Bull escapes from it’s owner’s yard, and the father immediately jumps on his car as his little daughter ran in fear from the Pit Bull.

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Naturally a lot of people are upset the father abandoned his daughter to almost get attacked by a Pit Bull dog, while he literally stood there watching.

It’s tough to say what the father would of done if the Pit Bull actually attacked his daughter, but the fact that he didn’t even budge from the car while listening to his daughter shout in fear is sad to watch. If the girls own father didn’t protect her in a life or death situation, who is really protecting her? Will she remember the moment her father left her to be attacked a Pit Bull?

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The bright side here is that the owner of the Pit Bull was able to distract it, and get it to calm down. It appears no one was hurt.

Author: JordanThrilla

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