Jaylen Brown had a very scary moment during game 7. Jaylen Brown did a split and blew out his groin during Celtics vs Raptors Game 7. After a dunk attempt Jaylen Brown slip awkwardly, then Jaylen Brown did a split like Johnny Cage in Mortal Combat. Jaylen brown stayed down on the ground for several minutes holding his groin area.

Take a look at the moment that made everyone hold their breath hoping he wasn’t seriously injured.

The angle Jaylen Brown fell when he slipped is actually similar to how Shaun Livingston landed when he blew out his knee.

Jaylen Brown got super lucky, and was able to return to the game after Celtics called a timeout. Historically groin injuries can have long lasting effects, so this is an injury Celtics might have to watch closely. It could be a lingering issue for Jaylen Brown if Celtics win Game 7 vs Raptors.

Author: JordanThrilla