Is the Charles Barkley curse real? Clippers fans are accusing Charles Barkley of jinxing Clippers with his bad luck. Charles Barkley tripled guaranteed that Nuggets would lose game 5, but Nuggets ended up wining after an amazing comeback. Even at halftime Charles Barkley doubled down on his guarantee that Clippers would win Game 5 when they had double digit lead. Inside the NBA even gave it the Chuck stamp of approval.

The final of score of Game 5 ending up being 111 – 105 with a Nuggets win. That’s when Charles Barkley went viral on twitter for being a bad luck charm.

Clippers fans want Charles Barkley to keep quiet with his guarantees, and keep their teams name out his mouth. They are very afraid Nuggets could win this series in 7 games if Charles Barkley keeps making triple guarantees Clippers will win.

Is Charles Barkley really a bad luck jinx for the Clippers? Perhaps he should guarantee Nuggets will win Game 6 to see if it makes Clippers win easily. That would confirm how powerful the Charles Barkley Curse is.

Author: JordanThrilla