The Game, TDE, and Nipsey Hussle’s DJ VIP threatened and exposed Tekashi 6IX9INE for disrespecting Nipsey Hussle. DJ VIP said LA is currently on rat hunt for Tekashi69. TDE exposed that Tekashi69 was only on Nipsey Hussle’s block for about 60 seconds. The Game threatened to Tekashi 6IX9INE telling he “keep playing”.

Earlier today Tekashi 6IX9INE posted a video acting like he was chilling near Nipsey Hussle’s mural by his TMC Store. However, Tekashi was only there for about a minute before he was rushed away by his police security.

Naturally The Game, TDE, and DJ VIP called out Tekashi and sent him a stern warning.

The video above shows Tekashi69’s security quickly rushing him away from the Nipsey Mural proving TDE is telling truth. A lot of people still don’t realize Tekashi 6IX9INE is staging these videos for clout, and is never in the place he says he is very long.

This isn’t new for Tekashi 6IX9INE either, before he became a snitch he faked going out to chill at O Block in Chicago, but was there for few seconds before leaving. It seems like Tekashi is hell bent on making the wrong people who weren’t going to bother him, become his enemies.

Author: JordanThrilla