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Transgender Catfish Exposed on Jayda IG Live: Transgender Woman Admits Pretending to Be Jayda Cheaves to Catfish People

A transgender catfish was exposed on Jayda Wayda’s IG Live. Jayda Cheaves conversation with a transgender woman who pretended to be her to catfish people is going viral. The conversation went viral after Jayda and transgender woman got in an argument over the length of hair.

The conversation started normal, then the transgender woman confessed she was pretending to be Jayda and catfishing people. After Jayda and Transgender woman talked about how much she felt they looked alike, it seemed Jayda was trying to tell the transgender woman she didn’t 100% agree.

The most classic moment was when Jayda and Transgender Woman got into an argument about whether her hair was 20 inches or 80 inches. Jayda said it was a “good 20”, and the transgender woman replied “nah it’s a good 80”. The transgender woman then claimed the rest of her was invisible on IG Live. Take a look.


So many random moments in that conversation, that made it hilarious to watch. Jayda thinks the hair was a “good 20”, and the transgender woman thinks it was a “good 80”, who is right?

Given that the transgender woman claimed the rest of the hair was invisible, it’s probably safe to say Jayda is the correct one here. Most of social media seems to think so too.

The question remains who were the people who actually believed the transgender woman was Jayda Wayda, and got catfished?

Author: JordanThrilla

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