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Travis Hunter’s Interception During TCU vs Colorado Fuels Best College Football Player of All Time Debate

Colorado’s Travis Hunter made one of the most incredible plays of the college football season on Saturday, when he intercepted a pass in the end zone to prevent a TCU touchdown and preserve a 24-21 lead for the Buffaloes in the third quarter. The play went viral on social media, as fans and analysts marveled at Hunter’s athleticism, instincts, and awareness.

Hunter, who is the No. 1 overall recruit of the 2022 class and a two-way star for Colorado, showed why he is considered a generational talent with his jaw-dropping interception. He read the eyes of TCU quarterback Chandler Morris, who was looking for his receiver on a slant route. Hunter broke on the ball with lightning speed, closing the distance between him and his man in a flash.

He then leaped into the air, extending his arms fully to snatch the ball out of the air before it could reach its target. He also had the presence of mind to roll his body in mid-air, landing on his back to secure the pick and avoid any contact with the ground that could have caused an incompletion.

The interception was a game-changer, as it stopped a crucial drive by TCU that could have given them a three or four point lead. Colorado went on to win 45-42, upsetting the No. 17 ranked Horned Frogs and giving head coach Deion Sanders his first signature win in his debut season.

Hunter’s interception came after another remarkable play by him on the same drive, when he chased down TCU’s running back after a 74-yard run, and tackled him at the Colorado 6-yard line, saving a touchdown. Hunter had to sprint from the opposite side of the field to catch Evans, who is one of the fastest players in college football. Hunter’s effort and hustle prevented TCU from scoring on that play, setting up his interception a few plays later.

Is Travis Hunter the Best College Football Player of All Time?

Hunter’s performance on Saturday was not only impressive on defense, but also on offense, where he 11 catches for 119 yards. He also had a near-touchdown catch in the second quarter that was ruled out of bounds after a replay review. Hunter showed off his versatility and skill as both a wide receiver and a cornerback, drawing comparisons to some of the best players in NFL history who played both ways, such as Deion Sanders, Charles Woodson, and Champ Bailey.

Some people think that Hunter might be the best college football player of all time, because he plays both offense and defense at such a high level. He is already being projected as a top pick in the NFL draft, but there is still debate over whether he will be a corner or a wide receiver at the next level, because he is so elite at both positions.

Hunter’s interception on Saturday was one of the most memorable plays of his young career, and it will likely be replayed for years to come. It was a testament to his talent, determination, and impact as a two-way star for Colorado. He is already a legend in college football, and he has only just begun.

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