Viacom fired Nick Cannon and dropped Wild-N-Out after his comments about white People. Early in the day a video of Nick Cannon calling white People “true savages” and “animals” went viral. The video garnered very different reactions from everyone that saw it. Nick Cannon allegedly later apologized for the video.

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It appears his apology wasn’t enough, because Nick Cannon got fired and Wild N Out dropped by Viacom all at the same time. They basically SUPER fired him. Everyone knew he might get in trouble for his comments, but probably no one thought it would be this harsh.

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Wild-N-Out was one of MTV biggest shows, and a staple for most of their viewer base. For Viacom to drop Wild-N-Out instantly shows Nick Cannon made some people very very angry. Hopefully, they can work things out and continue their relationship that lasted over a decade.

Author: JordanThrilla

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