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Chris Paul Accused of Snitching on NBA Players Sneaking Away from the Bubble in Orlando

Chris Paul snitched on NBA players sneaking away from the bubble in Orlando, according to a new rumor. People allege that Chris Paul has been calling an Anonymous Hotline NBA setup to report players that break coronavirus protocol. Given the fact CP3 is president of the Players Association, it makes sense that he would be the first to snitch on players leaving the NBA Bubble.

Chris Paul already has a bad rep in the NBA for possibly being a snitch. This only adds fuel to the fire that makes people think CP3 is a snitch. If the rumors are true, a lot of NBA players are going to take it personal when they face off against OKC during the remainder of the season.

From a technical standpoint Chris Paul snitching on NBA players sneaking out the bubble is a good thing. However, it could backfire if he’s snitching on his own teammates by ruining team chemistry.

I guess we can possibly say CP3 is doing his best Tekashi 6IX9INE impression.

Author: JordanThrilla

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