Was the Zoey Dollaz shooting a set up for Future? New facts have emerged about Zoey Dollaz shot at a Miami Strip club, which make it seem like it was. Some people believe that Future may have been the target of the Zoey Dollaz shooting, or he was being warned.

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Reports say Zoey Dollaz was shot on his way to Booby Trap On The River, which is a popular strip club in Miami. However, the way this shooting happened has some people thinking it was possibly an inside job.

New reports say Zoey Dollaz was shot almost instantly after he arrived. This means someone provided information of the exact time he was going to arrive. The photo above is a still image of the surveillance footage showing Zoey Dollaz arriving at Booby Trap before shots were fired.

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The motive is unknown, but since he is a Freebandz artist and had no known major beefs there are rumors the people who shot Zoey Dollaz really wanted to shoot Future. The alleged gang ties Future and his oldest son have may be involved in this situation.

Zoey Dollaz is expected to survive, and has been reported in stable condition by a Miami hospital.

Author: JordanThrilla

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