In this article we focus on the subliminally racist way 90’s animators gave every black character the same haircut in cartoon shows. Based on our research it seems almost every black character in 90’s cartoons had the same box cut hairstyle. We noticed it while binge watching on some of the most well known cartoon shows of the 90s.

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When we kept seeing black cartoon characters with same box haircut, we began to realize what was possibly racist trend of the 90’s for animators.

Here is the evidence below.

Is it a coincidence or were 90’s animators perpetuating a racist stereotype of a black men’s hairstyles? You can see that they all have that same box hairstyle going on.

Granted it was one the most popular haircuts in style during the era, it’s still strange to see it was the gold standard among cartoons for black characters in the 90’s. Their white cartoon counterparts always had a diverse array of hairstyles.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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