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42 Dugg Admits He’s Gay and Gave Top On New Song Snippet then Gets Kicked out of 4Pf by Lil Baby

42 Dugg admitted he was gay and gave top on a new song snippet. Allegedly, Lil Baby kicked 42 Dugg out of 4pf after hearing about 42 Dugg giving top to pay rent. While explaining about hardships he had growing up, 42 Dugg said he gave top to pay rent bills.

In that moment it seemed 42 Dugg came out the closet, but he may have given way too much detail. Fans have reacted to the lyrics with mixed emotions, but most people where completely caught off guard.

42 Dugg is added to a growing list of rappers who have admitted things most people never would in an effort to be completely transparent with their fans. Not too long ago Polo G admitted he was molested on a new song he released. 42 Dugg admitting he’s gay in this fashion might be a first in hip hop.

42 Dugg giving top to pay rent is news you could only hear in an unpredictable year like 2020.

Author: JordanThrilla

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