Did Lil Boosie say he bought 2 kilos of coke from DJ Khaled? In a new interview video it appears Lil Boosie snitches on DJ Khaled telling story about buying two kilos coke from him. However, some people are saying it sounds like Lil Boosie says “Cali” rather than “Khaled” which leads to the question at hand.

Lil Boosie talks about buying coke from DJ Khaled at the 1:40 mark of the video below.

If the story goes how it sounds, Lil Boosie says buying two kilos of Coke from DJ Khaled was the result of him selling it so cheap. This also makes sense if you replace DJ Khaled with “Cali”.

Right now it’s a matter of opinion whether Lil Boosie bought 2 kilos of coke from DJ Khaled or Cali. There’s also the possibility Lil Boosie is lying altogether.

Lil Boosie snitching on DJ Khaled for possibly selling coke to him seems crazy, so maybe he will clear the air so people don’t misconstrue his words.

Author: JordanThrilla