Did Punch TDE say Kendrick Lamar has retired from rap in a viral tweet? A fan wrote a plea that is time for a “real return” from K Dot, when TDE Punch responded alluding Kendrick Lamar isn’t returning to rap because people didn’t appreciate him.

In his exact words he said “Nah n***** didn’t appreciate him”. In essence it seems Punch TDE said Kendrick Lamar quit rapping because his fans weren’t showing enough love.

Did a lack of appreciation really drive K Dot away from the rap game? For a complex rapper like him, appreciation goes deeper than sales. If Punch TDE really was saying that Kendrick Lamar retiring from rap, it possibly could have been the criticism about his style of using funny voices when he raps. Some people always said they wanted to hear more memorable bars in between the long winded lyrical barrages he was known for.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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