Was Donald Trump caught with a fake clone Melania Trump Double? A new photo is sparking a fake Melania Trump Clone Conspiracy Theory, and the evidence is damning. The photo shows Donald Trump and his wife smiling, but so many things seem off about the person who is possibly a cloned Melania Trump Double.

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Take a look at the photo that is sparking the fake Melania Trump Conspiracy Clone Theory.

We will further explain below what makes it seem like a cloned Melania Trump body double is standing with Trump.

There are two things that makes this seem like a fake Melania Trump clone. The first is Melania Trump’s smile in the photo looks off. Melania Trump has never smiled like that in any picture before since Trump became president. Also if you look at past photos of her smiling during Trump’s presidency her teeth look different. It seems like Melania Trump’s body double wasn’t trained well in mimic her facial expressions, and never had dental work done to match her dental patterns.

The second thing that stands out is Melania Trump’s nose in the photo. Her nose has a noticeable different shape, and defects not easily noticeable on the real Melania Trump. If you look closely you can see the alleged cloned Melania Trump body double has a bump on the edge of her nose. The tip of her nose is also more bulbous than usual.

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With the evidence at hand it definitely seems like Donald Trump has a cloned Melania Trump body double, but since it can’t be confirmed it remains the Fake Melania Trump Clone Conspiracy Theory.

Author: JordanThrilla

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