Drake Explains how a Cherry Jolly Rancher Made Him Have Suicidal Thoughts in Viral Message.

A Cherry Jolly Rancher made Drake suicidal for a brief moment. In a new IG post Drake explained how a Jolly Rancher dropping on the floor of his car made him reflect on all the negative moments of his life at the same time. Drake admits he is in a rough mental state because of the Cherry Jolly Rancher.

When you are going through a rough time mentally like Drake, even the smallest thing happening can send you back into a state of despair.

In this case all it took for Drake to become depressed again was his Cherry Jolly Rancher falling on the dirty floor of his car. It’s clear Drake doesn’t believe in the 5 second rule.

The good thing about this is that Drake realized that other Jolly Rancher he had, which he thought was Watermelon, was actually another Cherry flavored one. Just like that he was back in a more positive mindset.

Author: JordanThrilla