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Fans Cancel and Unfollow 50 Cent and Delete All His Music after He Endorses Donald Trump for President

When 50 Cent endorsed Donald Trump because of Biden’s tax plan, all hell broke loose on social media. Fans cancelled 50 Cent immediately for supporting Donald Trump, but they took it a step further. They gave 50 Cent the social media fatality.

Fans unfollowed 50 Cent and deleted all his music for endorsing Donald Trump. Fans are also boycotting 50 Cent’s TV shows. They announced their decisions with very emotional words of anger.

50 Cent may have ended his own career by telling people to vote for Donald Trump. In the world of politics where there are two parties with cult like followings, simply stating your opinion can be the worst possible thing to do. Fans deleting 50 Cent’s music means there is no coming back for them.

Naturally if one candidate is raising taxes that will directly affect you, the only sensible thing to do is vote for the other candidate. However, 50 Cent didn’t have to make his voting choice public. When he did so it rubbed people the wrong way for many reasons, including the fact that he has massive influence due to his platform.

Fans unfollowing 50 Cent was bad enough, but when fans started deleting 50 Cent music and boycotting his TV shows you know the situation is getting really bad. Who knows maybe 50 Cent will take advantage of the bad press, he’s an expert at doing that.

Author: JordanThrillla

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