Gervonta Davis’ uppercut knockout on Leo Santa Cruz is going viral. Gervonta Davis knocked out Leo Santa Cruz in the 6th round as they were exchanging blows near the ropes.

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After Leon Santa Cruz caught Gervonta Davis with a clean right hand to his face, Davis remained calm waiting for the right moment to strike back. When the time was right Gervonta Tank Davis put Santa Cruz to sleep. It almost looked like a dead body in the ring on Halloween night, spooky stuff.

With the way Leo Santa Cruz dropped to the ground instantly, you have to wonder if he suffered any long term brain damage. When someone’s leg is bent the wrong way when they get knocked out, you know it’s a very serious KO. It’s similar to the way Pacquiao got dropped by Juan Manuel Marquez, and almost had to retire.

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Ironically Gervonta Davis knocked out Leo Santa Cruz right at the moment the commentator was talking about him folding to Tank Davis’ punching power.

Let’s hope Leo Santa Cruz makes a full recovery.

Author: JordanThrilla

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