The Murda Mook vs Tay Roc URLTV Battle was a classic as expected, but one part in particular is being talked about the most. Murda Mook clowning Tay Roc’s colored contacts is going viral.

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According to Murda Mook Tay Roc wears colored contacts that are non prescription, which means he’s wearing them to look “pretty”. Things got hilarious when Murda Mook pretending to be Tay Roc putting in his colored contacts.

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Take a look, no pun intended.

While Murda Mook talking about Tay Roc’s colored contacts is going viral, the verdict on who won the battle is mixed. However, a large majority of people including other prominent battler rappers believe Murda Mook won the battle 3-0. Make no mistake Tay Roc brought some heat too.

Even with no crowd, which is a large factor in battle rap, the Murda Mook vs Tay Roc battle had a lot of energy that kept it entertaining.

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It seems Tay Roc and his colored contacts may have taken another L, the first being when Tay Roc got robbed and violated on camera.

Author: JordanThrilla

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