Kamara Usman baptized Jorge Masvidal with a dirty low blow in a cheating win at UFC 251.

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Going up to the fight he said he would try breaking his face, and but when Kamara Usman gave a low blow to Jorge Masvidal, it was clear he wanted to break everything. The match was over before it even started in some peoples eyes.

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However, some people feel Kamaru Usman cheated to beat Masvidal.

Usman took down Masvidal early and weakened him with grappling, then methodically dominated the rest of the fight. A clash of heads round 2 that cut Masvidal may have given Usman a slight edge. However, when Kamara Usman gave a low blow to Jorge Masvidal in the 3rd round the tide almost turned. That was the moment people began to think Kamaru Usman was cheating.

Going up to the fight there was a lot of bad tension between these two fighters, and force that Kamaru Usman was hitting Jorge Masvidal with shows how deep it was. Most people had Usman winning so the outcome isn’t surprising. It is surprising that Kamaru Usman possibly tried to cheat.

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That humbling moment many people predicted happened. Kamaru Usman Baptized Jorge Masvidal with a low blow.

Author: JordanThrilla

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