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Lisa Raye Curses Out Da Brat and Entire Panel on Cocktails with Queens “I Don’t Give a F*** What Ya’ll Say, Yall Don’t Know “S***….”

When Da Brat surprised Lisa Raye on her birthday during an episode of ‘Cocktails with Queens”, she probably never expected things to get as real as they did. Lisa Raye cursed out Da Brat and the entire panel during the latest episode of Cocktails with Queens on Fox Soul.

At the beginning of the video LisaRaye cursing out Da Brat starts off by saying “I don’t give a f*** what ya’ll say, ya’ll don’t know s***…”. That line in particular instantly went viral along with the video itself.

LisaRaye may be 53, but she clearly still has a lot of youthful energy when it comes to beef. It’s been years since Da Brat and Lisa Raye have spoken to each other. You could tell Da Brat knew something could possibly go down since she brought mediators, but she probably wasn’t expecting things to get this deep.

What was supposed to be a peaceful celebration of Lisa Raye’s birthday turned into a moment of emotional chaos when Da Brat show up by surprise.

Reunions don’t always go as planned, but no one wins the family feuds.

Author: JordanThrilla