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Odell Beckham Jr Taking his Shoes Off During Steelers Game and Talking Trash to Browns Fans Goes Viral

Odell Beckham Jr taking his shoes off during Steelers game talking trash to Browns fans is going viral. On the game vs Steelers Odell Beckham Jr had 2 catches for only 25 yards, monstrous stats indeed.

Naturally Odell Beckham Jr took his shoes off knowing he could relax after his amazing performance. Odell Beckham Jr started talking trash to the fans, because they probably told him he should of caught three passes. Take a look.

Hopefully you caught the sarcasm here, because Odell Beckham has had a very rough game. When he puts up stats like these some people blame him, some people blame Baker Mayfield. No matter who you blame it’s clear the stress of the situation is wearing down Odell Beckham Jr’s mental. He’s had so many subpar performances in the browns Uniform.

Hopefully, Odell Beckham Jr taking off his shoes during the game vs Steelers isn’t a sign he is mentally checking out. We all know Odell Beckham Jr is a player fueled by pure emotion, which can be a bad or good thing. The fact that Odell Beckham Jr is talking trash to Browns fans is very alarming.

The good thing here is the Browns are still off to a 4-1 start, but when team chemistry started deteriorating things can go left real quickly after this loss to Steelers.

Author: JordanThrilla

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