Pop Smoke Gets Revenge On Person Who Slapped Him In The Face 7 Years Later.

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Video Of Young Pop Smoke Getting Slapped and His Chain Snatched then Stepped On Goes Viral. In a new video a group of people slap Pop Smoke, snatch Pop Smoke’s chain, and step on it when he was younger. Pop Smoke got revenge on the person who slapped him almost beating him to death 7 years later allegedly.

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People are bring the incident up again for various reason related to the recent Pop Smoke murder.

Some conspiracy theorists believe it could be connected to everything that happened. Especially since people think Mike Dee accidentally posted his location on Instagram just a few hours before he was shot.

Hip Hop has been hit with a lot of tragedy in the past few months. Naturally when something unexpected like this happen people begin to ask questions and look for answers.

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It wouldn’t be surprising if more videos from Pop Smoke’s past, start going viral as well.

Author: JordanThrilla

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