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Rapper “Summrs” Runs Train On OnlyFans Star Gaby Then Kicks Her Out His House In Viral Video

According to a viral rumor, Summrs and Deuce allegedly ran a train on an OnlyFans star named Gaby2Sick then had an altercation in his house. In the chaotic footage someone can heard telling Summrs to chill, before he eventually decides to give her the boot.

It’s not clear what made Gaby act so crazy, but something made her snap really quick. She may have been stressed about the OnlyFans Leak a few weeks ago. Other people think she was just chasing clout and trying to go viral on social media. If it was the latter was her plan it definitely worked.

As you can see in the midst of that chaos Gabby broke his window after she was kicked out. It safe to say Summrs and Deuce won’t be inviting her back to their house anytime soon. The whole situation played out like a scene from a movie.

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