Rare pictures of Lil Kim in Highschool leaked where she looks like a completely different person. In the rare high school photos show Lil Kim before the plastic surgeries and skin color change. The original version of Lil Kim looked the complete opposite of her final form you see today.

Putting Highschool Lil Kim side by side with 2020 Lil Kim puts into perspective how much she changed over the past 30 years.

Lil Kim is essentially the Michael Jackson of Hip Hop in terms of the drastic change in her appearance. The major difference is that Michael Jackson’s vitiligo issue caused him to change his appearance, while widely noted metal battles allegedly led to Lil Kim changing her appearance.

It’s a scenario that will never happen, but one has to ask what would high school Lil Kim think if you showed her a picture of herself in 2020? Whatever that answer to that is, doesn’t take away from the massive success Lil Kim has achieved.

Author: JordanThrilla