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Rudy Gobert Dirty Elbows Torrey Craig Nose and Busts His Lip Open during Game 6 Nuggets vs Jazz

Rudy Gobert’s dirty elbow to Torrey Craig Nose busted his lip open during Game 6 of Nuggets vs Jazz. You could hear Torrey Craig say “I’m Bleeding” after Rudy Gobert’s elbow connect square with his nose and jaw. The replay showed that Rudy Gobert made an unnatural movement to elbow Torrey Craig before grabbing a rebound. The officials reviewed the play, and somehow came to conclusion the contact was incidental.

After Rudy Gobert elbowed Torrey Craig, he was down on the court for several minutes. You could see he was in severe pain.


If Rudy Gobert was a wrestler he could name that elbow move on Torrey Craig the “French Hammer”, or something similar. However, this was on the basketball court and seemed to be a dirty play. Rudy Gobert elbowing Torrey Craig’s nose like that is up there with Marcus Morris stepping on Luka Doncic’s ankle, in terms of levels of dirty.

Author: JordanThrilla

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