Jaden Smith is very excited to see BTS perform live at VMAs, and he shared his emotions during an interview. Jaden Smith’s excitement to see BTS perform live for the first time at VMAs during the interview instantly went viral.

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Smith family fans and BTS fans alike where ecstatic to find out Jaden Smith is an avid BTS fan.

In the footage Jaden Smith conveys his excitement for seeing BTS perform saying, “Man, I’m really excited to see BTS perform honestly. I feel like that might just be extremely epic. I’ve never seen them perform once and this is my time. I don’t have to look at Twitter videos anymore this is the time“.

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There’s a lot of people around the world who are feeling that same excitement Jaden Smith is feeling for BTS performing Live at VMAs 2020. The most viral band in the world, it’s about to Shut Down the internet.

Author: JordanThrilla

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