SpaceGhostPurrp claims DJ, J Scott, and Yams Were Sacrificed to Die by ASAP Rocky to the Illuminati. In a viral video, SpaceGhostPurrp spoke his thoughts after believing he had figured out the cause of A$AP J Scott’s death. He seems think DJ, J Scott, and YAMS died due to an Illuminati sacrifice for ASAP Rocky, so he can become more famous and rich.

It seems like a conspiracy stretch at first, but then you think about how ASAP Rocky career has been blossoming again recently, after a major downfall. He was even the part of rumors of dating Rihanna which would be the height of his stardom so far.

Not too long later we here about the mysterious passing of ASAP J Scott.

This would definitely be something you would want to research on if you are a conspiracy theorist. Especially when we saw Lebron possibly throw up Illuminati symbols a few days ago.

RIP DJ, J Scott, and YAMS.

Author: JordanThrilla