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The Men Who Robbed NBA Youngboy Find His New House in Alleged Viral Video

The men who robbed NBA Youngboy found his new home in an alleged viral video. NBA Youngboy is seen walking in his front yard as the robbers drive by saying “That’s NBA Youngboy right there, that YB right there”. It was almost as if they were marking their new target.

This has led to people pleading that NBA Youngboy who notoriously said his friends are his security, hire professional security.

It’s not clear if NBA Youngboy noticed them based on the short footage, but it seems like he needs to be more alert. It’s possible that these are just fans, and the rumors of them being people who robbed him are false.

With NBA Youngboy’s brother getting shot not too long ago, things seem to be getting tense in his circle. Let’s hope NBA Youngboy can stay safe at his new house.

Author: JordanThrilla

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