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TI Admits His Friend CAP Pissed on Drake at the Movie Theater on New Song “We Did It Big”

TI admits CAP pissed on Drake at the movie theater on his new song “We Did it Big”. The rumor started in 2010 when it was alleged a drunk Terrance Beasley aka Cap pissed on Drake at Cineplex Movie Theater. Drake allegedly ran out the movie theater soaking wet with urine covered clothes. We wrote an article detailing the whole incident when Cap died in October of 2019, and included the celebrity sources who confirmed it at the time.

The rumor is no longer rumor as T.I. confirmed his friend CAP urinated on Drake in lyrics of “We Did it Big” saying, “While I’m fighting my own somehow got you home, so drunk in LA, end up pissing on Drake. S*** F*** it, that’s still my brother since back in the trap house“.

Here is an old photo of TI’s friend Cap.

Many will remember when Meek Mill brought the incident up during his infamous beef with Drake. At the time Drake fans were salivating over memes, and trying to ignore any facts Meek Mill was saying about Drake.

Now that TI confirmed CAP pissed on Drake, it will be interesting to see if he responds. Drake has never directly spoke on this situation publicly. For most rappers getting pissed on would be a career ending situation.

If you want to read a more in depth detailing of the incident and celebrity accounts of what took place, take a look at our article from last year about it here.

Author: JordanThrilla

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