After doing one of the best floaters ever seen during Game 4 of the NBA finals, Tyler Herro did the worst floater ever seen during Game 6 of the NBA finals. After getting his shot swatted by Anthony Davis over and over again, Tyler Herro airballed a floater during Game 6.

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The floater looked nice, but fell about two feet short of the basket. Tyler Herro’s floater fail instantly went viral. Take a look at the Tyler Herro airball floater that was wide open.

In game where Tyler Herro hit the side of backboard while shooting a three, his airball floater was even worse. Tyler Herro looked like the rookie he was.

Hopefully Katya Elise Henry doesn’t break up with Tyler Herro after he turned into “Playoff T”. He had a record for being the youngest player ever to start in the finals, and now Tyler Herro did the worst floater ever in the NBA Finals.

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Tyler Herro’s airball floater will never be forgotten.

Author: JordanThrilla

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