Jack Harlow rapping as a kid

Jack Harlow was blessed with a Tiny Desk performance, but in the midst of the moment social media dug up a hilariously cringeworthy moment of his young rap career. A video of Jack Harlow rapping as a kid is going viral.

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The footage looks like something he put together with all his friends in a suburban neighborhood, and he surprisingly embraced being one of the “smart” kids in his group as he talked about topics like a having a 3.6 GPA. If you look past the cringe lyrics and antics in the video, it’s actually amazing he put this music video together at such a young age. It was clear he was destined to be a star.

The video of Jack Harlow rapping as a kid shows just how far he has come with his craft. He has truly evolved as an artist from that point in time into a respectable emcee at the top of his game. His Tiny desk performance was amazing no doubt, but right now the Kid Jack Harlow rhyming is stealing the show.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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