A white girl in Virginia Beach is dead after summoning the voodoo God Papa Legba. The Virginia teen named Katelyn Restin tried to summon Papa Legba by burning a voodoo doll on March 29.

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People warned her not to, but she told people to “let her live”.

On April 17 the Virginia teen claimed she saw Papa Legba, and was very scared. No one took her cry for help seriously. On April 19th she was found dead in her mother’s home at age 19 just two days later. The cause of her death still can’t be explained.

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The Virginia teen dying only two days after saying she saw Papa Legba makes most people think it had something to do with her death.

Add to this fact that she was 19 and died on April “19”, and it all points to the Haitian voodoo God Papa Legba murdering the Virginia Beach teen.

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Hopefully more people don’t try to summon Papa Legba like the Virginia teen to challenge this theory.

RIP to Katelyn Restin.

Author: JordanThrilla

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