A white man turned himself black using a tanning injection drug in a viral video. Nuka Zeus turned black using a new tanning injection drug that is still experimental. The drug doesn’t work the way most people would expect, but actually harnesses the power of the sun, which will explain more about below.

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Over the course of around 50 days the tanning injections made Nuka Zeus’ skin darker by making his melanin production go into overdrive, according to his accounts. The drug alters peptides in his skin, which makes his melanin react much quicker to sunlight exposure, which creates the illusion of darker skin.

Nuka Zeus was obsessed with black culture even before he started changing his skin.

The results astonished his fanbase, when they saw Nuka Zeus really changed into a black man on the surface. For those that don’t know, Nuka Zeus has always dreamed of being “black”. Even before the tanning injections and skin color change, Nuka Zeus was convinced he was suppose to be born a black man.

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In his mind, he probably finally reached his dream. The first white man to turn himself black using new experimental tanning injections. Nuka Zeus is now a black white man.

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