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Broke Young Buck Begs Fans to Donate $1 to his Cash App and Says he Only has $100 in Bank Account

Broke Young Buck begged fans to donate $1 to his Cash App, and says he only has $100 in his bank account in a viral video. Young Buck calls the donation scheme get “$1 Buck for Buck” during the sad footage.

At the moment Young Buck is broke and going through very tough financial times after recently being released from prison. His rap career also took a nose dive after he was exposed as allegedly being gay. Now Young Buck needs fans to cash app him $1 so he can survive in this tough cutthroat world.

You could hear the pain in Young Buck’s voice as described the dire state of his financial woes. Once upon a time he was millionaire traveling the world with 50 Cent. His relationship with 50 Cent ended up being the main reason he went broke, due to the infamous contract 50 Cent has him locked in.

Now Young Buck is asking fans to cash app him $1 dollar. It’s not clear how many real fans he has left in 2020, but let’s hope it’s enough to at least help him pay those June bills coming up. Who knows maybe 50 Cent will step in and help out an old G-Unit comrade.

Author: JordanThrilla

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