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Damian Lillard Lucky Bounce Three Point Shot Against Dallas Mavericks Sparks Magnetic Rim Conspiracy Theories

Damian Lillard’s lucky bounce three point shot against Dallas Mavericks is sparking Magnetic Rim Conspiracy Theories. With just under 2 minutes left in the game Damian Lillard got the luckiest bounce ever seen after taking a three pointer from near halfcourt. To some people Magnetic Rims are the only way Damian Lillard could get a lucky bounce like that to happen.

In the footage you can even hear the announcer ask how Damian Lillard’s three got a lucky bounce like that. It seemed so unreal, which has given birth to the Damian Lillard Magnetic Rim Conspiracy Theory.

Damian Lillard always has a “too cool for school” demeanor on the basketball court, so he never really shows his true emotions. However, even he had to shocked at the lucky bounce he got, unless of course he knows the NBA is using magnetic rims to influence games. Let’s be honest with Pelicans eliminated the best first round matchup for the Lakers from a money standpoint is against Blazers.

Congratulations to Damian Lillard on making history with his 60 point masterpiece, this article isn’t meant to take away from that. We are just focusing on the impossible lucky bounce Damian Lillard got on a heave from near half court. Physics Scientists would likely agree that magnetic rims helped Damian Lillard get that lucky bounce.

Author: JordanThrilla

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